Saturday, 10 September 2011

Press Release

Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit should be dismissed and arrested

The CAG report on the Common Wealth Games 2010 submitted to the Parliament proves once more that the ruling elite is under serious suspicion of having indulged in not just corruption but also in unabashed plunder of public money and the country's resources within the existing neo-liberal regime. The report indicates that the corridors of power have been turned into corridors of loot and Sheila Dikshit led Delhi government has become the sanctuary for corrupt political leaders, bureaucrats, builders and brokers. The Socialist Party India (SPI) would like to draw peoples' attention to the fact that scam details listed in the CAG report are the tip of the corruption iceberg. The Centre and Delhi governments, including the PMO, have deliberately given enough time to the players of CWG 2010 to destroy the vital proofs.  
The SPI expresses an apprehension that the CAG report would meet the same fate that the Shunglu Committee report has met earlier in the hands of Sheila Dikshit. She has already begun to make a mockery of the CAG report by stating that it is only about procedural flaws and not about corruption. She could be successful in her devious maneuverings because she has the protection of the Congress and UPA chief Sonia Gandhi. The SPI would like to remind the public that Suresh Kalmadi, who had made the games a looting business, was very dear to late Shri Rajiv Gandhi, resulting in a long attempt to shield him by the PMO in spite of knowledge regarding his corrupt deeds. When vessel of the loot in CWG 2010 overflowed due to its own weight, Kalmadi was dismissed and arrested to protect Sheila Dikshit.
In the view of serious charges leveled against Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, the SPI demands her arrest along with the other leaders/officials who still swear by 'national interest and pride'. SPI demands that Sheila Dikshit should be dismissed from the post of the Chief Minister immediately. The CWG 2010 scams' cases should be hand over to the CBI, registering a criminal complaint against Sheila Dikshit and others named in the CAG report.

Dr. Prem Singh
General Secretary and Spokesman

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