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Socialist Party demands : Claim land under Chinese control

September 24, 2014
Press Release

Socialist Party demands : Claim land under Chinese control, Not bullet trains but safe, punctual and cheap train services, Complete ban on FDI in insurance sector, Bring finances of political parties under RTI

Socialist Party, in its three-day (19-21 Sept. 2014) national executive meet held in Udaipur has passed the resolution that the Chinese incursions into the Indian territories will continue till the 20,000 sq km land is reclaimed from the Chinese control. Socialist Party believes that the Indian visit of the Chinese premier Jin Ping and the agreements signed between the two countries portray India as the grantee and China as the grantor. This has exposed the hollowness of the patriotism of those who call themselves ‘Hindu nationalists.’ Socialist Party warned the toiling masses that the Indian ruling class lusting after consumerism is selling the invaluable resources of the country and on the other hand are begging for foreign investment.
Dr. Lohia had termed China’s invasion of Tibet as infanticide. The Prime Minister, in his talks with the Chinese premier has not even mentioned long pending issue of Tibet’s independence, which has been a long-standing demand of India.
Socialist Party, while strongly opposing the Bullet and High-speed trains has demanded that the government should make available, safe, punctual, hygienic, convenient and cheap train services, especially to the far-flung remote of India. In insurance, the money is paid by the policy holder. Hence, it is misleading to talk about foreign investment in the insurance sector. The party has demanded a complete ban on the entry of foreign companies in the insurance sector.
The present government and Prime Minister want to disband the Planning Commission and run the country’s economy solely for the corporate houses. Socialist Party believes that in a poor country like India, development and the related economic planning should be carried at the level of local bodies according to the Directive Principles of State as well as the 73rd and 74th amendments to the Constitution.  There should be a proper representation of tribals, dalits, farmers, laborers and women in it. The party believes that the deprived classes can be empowered only by establishing a decentralized system on the basis of the Four Pillar State as proposed by Dr. Lohia.
Socialist Party reiterated its demand of bringing the details of finances of political parties under the ambit of the RTI. The party will start a signature campaign for the same.
The party’s executive decided that a day’s fast will be observed by all the state units of the Socialist Party on the death anniversary of Dr. Lohia on the coming 12th October for the release of Irom Sharmila and the removal of the AFSPA.  
The meeting was presided over by Bhai Vaidya, former Home Minister, Maharashtra. Dr, Shriram Arya, president of the Socialist Party Rajasthan welcomed the office bearers and members of the executive.
Dr. Prem Singh
General Secretary/Spokesperson 

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