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One year of Modi’s Man ki Baat in service of corporate houses Increase in poverty, hunger, malnutrition, unemployment and suicides Anti-national character of RSS completely evident

31 May 2015
Press Release

One year of Modi’s Man ki Baat in service of corporate houses
Increase in poverty, hunger, malnutrition, unemployment and suicides
Anti-national character of RSS completely evident
            The Socialist Party states that in the last one year Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while heading the majority government, has done the task of giving tax exemption to selling out of country’s invaluable natural and labour resources to national and international corporate houses faster than the last Congress led UPA government. The ‘Man ki Baat’ that the Prime Minister keeps on talking about on the government radio is actually the Man ki Baatof the corporate houses. As a direct result, the already prevalent trend of poverty, hunger, malnutrition, illnesses, unemployment and farmers’ suicides has gained even more speed. The trend of the devastation of farmers, tribals, small traders/businessmen, labourers and artisans is continuing in the same fashion.
            In the last one year Prime Minister Narendra Modi has changed the image of India in the world from that of a country rich in natural resources, labour and talent, to that of a beggar. He is working towards destroying the legacy of independence and self-reliance with even more speed than the last Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and is trying to embroil the country in the trap of neo-imperialism. The Prime Minister, who is a swayamsevak of RSS, decisively believes that the foreign companies and governments should develop India. The baudhik of RSS and the BJP, who used to sing paeans about nationalism and Swadeshi, are keeping complete silence. Thus, not only the anti-labourer-farmer-minority face but also the traitorous face of RSS and the BJP has become evident.
            It is not surprising that the media and a small section, benefitted by corporate policies, are still trying to project the image of Narendra Modi as a saviour leader of the country. This feeds into their selfish interests. But the reality of selling and breaking up the country cannot stay hidden from the true patriotic powers.
            The Socialist Party firmly believes that this anti-nationalist stance of the present government can be contested only on the ideological grounds. Those who recently snatched power in Delhi through slogans and shouts of ‘there is no need of ideology’, are themselves agents of neo-liberal ideology and are a part of the neo-imperialist group along with Narendra Modi.
            In view of the Socialist Party the building of an independent, self-reliant and equitable India can only take place on basis of the socialist ideology in accordance with the Constitution. During the time of the last general elections, the Socialist Party constantly suggested to put a united fight against the BJP and the Congress in order to achieve electoral success. But its efforts were not successful and BJP could form a majority government merely with 31 percent votes.
            In this scenario, there is an urgent need for the parties and civil society organizations, which believe in the ideology of social justice and socialism, to come together. This unity should be based on the legacy and values of the freedom struggle and the Constitution rather than individualism, family/dynasty politics and regionalism. When this happens, the hardworking masses of the country will definitely win against corporate powers in the next general election to be held four years from now.

Bhai Vaidya

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