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Socialist Party (India) National Committee meeting, Delhi, 15-9-2016

Socialist Party  (India)
National Committee meeting, Delhi, 15-9-2016
National Committee meeting was held at Delhi on 15-9-2016. Shri GirishKumar Pandey, working president was in the Chair. Prominent among those present were  Pannalal Surana, Sandip Pandy, Satidh Agrawal, Faisal Khan, Rajshekharan Nair, Shriniwas, Harminder Singh Mansahia, Sacchidanand Singh, Renu Gambhir,Neerajkumar, Shashank, Janakiprasad Goud, etc. Due to sickness, Ganaral Scy Tarakeshwar could not attend and as the proceeding book is with him, proceeding of the last meeting could not be read .As per reports presented by representatives , activities noted below had taken place.
 Punjab, 1.A State level Conference on Choukhambha or Panchayat Raj,2.A memorandum , requesting political parties in the State to include suggestion that all those who receive salary from the State funds should enroll their children in the State –run primary and secondary schools (As per the laudatory decision given by the Allahabad High Court)in their manifesto that may be issued for the ensuing Assembly elections .The memorandum was signed by about one-and a half lakh citizens. 3. Shri BalwanSingh Kheda has filed a petition in the Punjab High Court to issue direction to the Punab Govt to implement Lower court decision  convicting Chief Minister  Prakash Singh Badal in certain corruption cases.
Delhi-1. Public meeting was organized to call on the authorities to stop use of pellets while dealing with masses and establish dialogue with the people so that the unrest in Kashmir is ended. 2. A public rally of Muslim women was also organized.
Bihar-1. Many party activists rendered voluntary services for relief and rehabilitation of the fllod affected people.2. In a Meeting that was attended by activists from 14 districts it wasa decided to launch Kisan Mazdoor Sangh to organize programs to get demands of kisans and workers satisfied.
U.P.- 1. Sandip pandey had observed six-day fast to pursue the  State Govt. to implement decision of the Allahabad High Court (mentioned above) 2. A strike has been organized of the Anganwadi workers to get their lo0ng-standing demands fulfilled.
Maharashtra—1. Office-bearers undertok frequent tours of 8 famine affected districts of Marathawada t5o press a number of demands of the famine affected farmers and villagers regar54ding supply of drinking water, proper running of the cattle camps, organizing MNRGA works. etc. 2. A study worshop for party activists was organized at Goa in which following subjects were discussed- 1.  Collective reading of the Party Policy Statement with discussion, 2. Brief history of Socialist movement in India, 3-Gender equality,4.Hindu-Muslim brotherhood,5Globalosaytion and Socialism.86 activists had participated including ten from Kerala.
National Committee passed the following resolutions—
1.      As Jayanti Panchal has tendered resignation from the post of Treasurer’,Shri Neerajkumar has been elected and also authorized to operate bamk a/c of the party alongwith PremSingh and Pannalal.
2.     Neerajkumar and Adv. Shashank  have been authorized to form national committee of the SYS.
3.     National Conference will be held on 12 and 13 Nov. 2016 at Chediram Dharmashala , Lucknow. Three delegates to the National Confr  from every such district in which party members are enrolled so far.State Seecretasry should communicate their names and postal addresses to Janakiprasad Goud, President, U.P.State before  20 Oct. 16.
4.     Mobilise party organization to contest Assembly elections in U.P. Punjab, Uttarakhand, and Goa. Working President Girishkumar Pandy announced that hde would personally look after mobilizing resources for all our candidates in the above mentioned States.
5.      Membership enrolment drive be completed by 31 Dec.16.
6.     Party Fund Raising Campaign will be organized from 1st April to 30 June 2017. Coupuns of Rs 50, 100, 500 and 1000 will be printed and made available to the Party centers in good time. Collected amounts would be distributed  25% district, 25 % State, 50 % Centre.
7.     Chairman of the Central Parliamentary Board will appoint Election Committees for U.P. and Punjab very soon.
Asu, 21-9-2016                                             Pannalal -For Tarkeshwar Singh G.S.

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