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Socialist Party's statement on Donald Trump's decision on Jerusalem

9 December 2017

Press Statement

Socialist Party's statement on Donald Trump's decision on Jerusalem

The Socialist Party believes that the unilateral and arbitrary announcement of Donald Trump, the US President, to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to shift the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to this  city is coercive and dangerous, to say the least, for the already violent-conflicts-ridden world. This decision taken by him  will not only worsen the situation further  in West Asia and  in the Muslim world by making the present and the coming generations more vulnerable,  particularly in Palestine-Israel territories, but will also create dangers for  the lives of common innocent citizens world over. This is specifically important  keeping in view the operating nexus between armed dealers and unchecked terrorist outfits.

            The Socialist Party  views this decision of Trump as a clever  maneuvering to divert attention from the internal contradictions/problems that his one-year old regime is facing at home which includes the promoting of business interests of his favorites in the region. At the same time, it is again a well planned strategy to keep the conflict, aggravated by the deepening crisis of capitalist system, always at a safe distance from America and European part of the globe.

            The US Ambassador in the UN Security Council, echoing Trump's argument, has stated that the decision is a simple acceptance of reality. It means that the US has decided against the two-nation solution of the Palestine-Israel dispute having their common capital  in  Jerusalem. Thus this  bizarre  leap is directed towards implementing the inherent intention of the US regarding  the Palestine-Israel dispute, that is, making a myth of reality i.e. Palestine, and making a reality of the myth i.e. Israel!       
            It comes as a good ray of hope  that the UN and as well as  several other nations, including some allies of the US in world diplomacy, have opposed this decision terming it as one which  is against all international laws, treaties, and agreements held time to time at  various levels in  world forums.  

            The Socialist Party appeals to the world community, including Americans who still adhere to the wisdom of equality, freedom and democracy, to exert pressure on Donald Trump to withdraw his decision. As suggested by  the members of the UN Security Council and several nations, a peaceful two-nation solution should be arrived at between Palestinians and Israelis at the earliest. Only  a solution of this kind  would end the agony of the common citizens, as well as the security forces, who have been leading a life of trauma for a long time.

Dr. Prem Singh

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