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America is in Congress’s DNA, not India

Date: 22 January 2012
Press Release

At the Jaipur convention Rahul Gandhi’s assertion that the Congress is Mahatama Gandhi’s party and India is in its DNA is hollow and misleading.  The Socialist Party would like to put the record straight regarding this hyperbole and contentious issue. Mahatama Gandhi is too far away for them, the present-day Congress has not remained a Congress even of the Indira Gandhi era. It is a Congress of Sonia Gandhi, Man Mohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi via Rajiv Gandhi. Mahatama Gandhi, at the time of independence, had said that the Congress has served its purpose and should now be disbanded and a new political organisation should be formed for the political purpose. He further suggested that the Congress should be converted into Lok Sewak Sangh to serve the social purpose.
There were forces, communalists on one hand and communists and dalits on the other, who challenge the credentials of the Congress through different arguments. Some time they aligned with the colonial rulers in their denial to the Congress. So it is open to debate whether the Congress of the freedom movement had entire India in its DNA? However, as far as the independence struggle is concerned; the Congress was a pan Indian forum. But there can be no doubt that the present-day Congress has the U.S. in its DNA. It follows the dictates of the U.S., the epitome of neo-imperialism, and flourishes. The statement of Rahul Gandhi would be right if we accept the Americanised India as the one and only truth about the country.  
Congress men celebrated Rahul Gandhi’s speech, as expected, in a sycophantic manner. The mainstream media too projected Rahul Gandhi and his speech in such a manner as if he were really a true statesman who constructs and writes his statements and speeches himself. Everybody knows that he is a protected and projected leader of the Nehru family on whom a big amount of money, earned by the hard-working and honest people of the country, is being spent from the very beginning. It is also known to every body that so far it has been a futile exercise on the part of the Congress. For the Socialist Party, it is a matter of concern that the serious political contemplation and debate, in this neo-liberal era, is replaced by costly spectacles repeatedly organized by political parties and propagated by the media.
The Congress has placed the rich resources of the country to be looted and plundered by the national and multinational corporate houses and companies. Its government is deeply immersed in corruption. The P.M., several Cabinet Ministers, and Chief Ministers face charges of scams of enormous multitude. The result is hunger, malnutrition, unemployment, price-rise, insecurity and farmers’ suicides.
Rahul Gandhi has always been number two in the Congress, after his mother. Therefore his call to bring a change in the Congress party and the policies of the government is old story. It is also old story that Congress leaders clap on every word he utters. This time this tamasha became ‘serious’ when some Congress men wept while listening to Rahul’s  statement that his mother wept before him the earlier evening!
The message by Sonia Gandhi to Rahul that power is nothing but poison has been applauded by Congress men. The message that this poison could be balanced by using power for the apparent wellbeing of people has also been well understood by the masses  who have little option but to keep drinking the poison of hunger, malnutrition, unemployment, price-rise, insecurity and suicides.
The Jaipur conference once again proved that the Congress is a den of sycophants, many of whom do not have any worth of their own to rise on top posts they are holding. They worship the Nehru-Indira Gandhi family as the Congress family with the fervent hope that this would secure for them the ‘cream’ of personal power and gain.
The Socialist Party would like to caution that the Congress and its leaders are not at all concerned about their needs. They, like BJP and other mainstream political parties, are only concerned for the upper and middle class India who has been benefitted by the neo-liberal polices of the last three decades and reflects the U.S. in its DNA.
Dr. Prem Singh
General Secretary

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