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Letter to pime Minister

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Date: 25January 2013 

Honourable Shri Man Mohan Singh
Prime Minister of India

Respected Sir
A few days ago a newspaper published the shocking news that Rajendra Choudhary, an accused in the Samjhauta Express bomb blast case, has revealed that in October 2006 the right-wing extremists had planned to target Justice Rajinder Sachar.The plan could not be executed because they were on a run after conducting Malegaon blast and lacked resources.  
It is condemnable that till date Justice Sachar has not even been informed about this by the concerned authorities. Over a telephonic conversation with him last evening Justice Sachar wondered why neither he nor the other 6 members of the committee received any official intimation about the threat even after 4 days the news was flashed.
Justice Sachar Committee was formed by the government in March 2005 to present report on the socio-economic-educational conditions of the Muslim population in India. The report was submitted to the government in November 2006 which created a sharp debate in the political and social circles. The BJP/RSS rejected the findings and suggestions of the report outright and is indulging in continuous propaganda against it. With such an anti-position taken on the report, these forces can harm Justice Sachar and the members of the committee after the report is published.
Justice Sachar is a friend, philosopher and guide to the cadres of the Socialist Party who have utmost concern for his security. Therefore we request you to kindly direct the concerned authorities to provide him adequate security with immediate effect.   

With regards

Yours sincerely

Dr. Prem Singh

Copy to :
Honourable Shri Sushil kumar Shinde
Home Minister

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