Friday, 12 July 2013

Massage from Justice V.R. KRISHNA IYER


       India with its ancient civilization and sublime spiritual culture is still a backward country materially, with crores of poor people belonging to the acutely have-not sector of humanity.  If the right to life is a guarantee of Swaraj, dignity and welfare are necessary conditions of life as Vivekananda put it:

Feel, my children, feel for the poor, the ignorant, the downtrodden; feel till the heart stops and the brain reels and you think you will go mad.
We talk foolishly against material civilization.  The grapes are sour… Material civilization, nay even luxury, is necessary to create work for the poor.  Bread; I do not believe in a God, who cannot give me bread here, giving me eternal bliss in heaven.  Pooh; India is to be raised, the poor are to be fed, education is to be spread, and the evil of priestcraft is to be removed…more bread, more opportunity for everybody….

       The resources of the Indian nation have been robbed by imperialist Britain and other foreign nations the deprived millions suffer from a capitalist system exploited by the wealthy rajas and maharajas.  To act to these misfortunes are the gender injustices, lunatic casteism, communal discrimination and the pariah wretchedness which are the lot of the illiterate, under-developed subject classes.  The only way of securing dignity of life, decency of existence, basic social justice for the vast masses is by making swaraj ensure minimum conditions by making available basic needs of life.  Such a transformation is possible only by making Bharat a socialist society free from theological chaos, rituals and superstitions and illiterate frustrations of life.  A socialist society abolishing backward material conditions and exploitation is a must if humanism is the rule of life and the die-hard deep poverty, misery and sufferings are to disappear.  True equity and equality, gender justice and the right to health can be possible for the people only through socialism where the resources of the country are distributed fairly where employment and fare wages, child care and oldage concern are a fundamental feature of society.  It is these obligatory mandates not prisons and harsh sentences that  make  India  and   its people’s life just.  If the present injustice continues a violent radicalism will overthrow society.   Therefore, the guarantee of socialism and secularism are mandatory in our Republic.  Horror and terror are the alternatives.  There is no option for Bharat but to become socialist.  The present corruption is a pan-Indianwise.  Our Constitution using eloquent rhetoric cannot diminish the despair to which people are driven.  A socialist society, political and economic sans which Indian culture will be sold to barbarity and primitivism and chronic backward condition will come to stay.    By socialism I mean more than mere economics.  It implies spiritual mutation of the structure of society and makes eligible.  Socialism in its profound value is integral to the sacred tryst which humanity has made with its sublime destiny.

        I wish the Socialist Party of India rapid radical advance all over the country take place and justice, social, economic and political become a fundamental duty of the State.  As Vivekananda put it : ‘I am a Socialist because half a loaf is better than none.’  The youth of this country must be inspired by the socialist exhortation of our vedic seers and Swami Vivekananda who in an address to the Brahmins of Madras accusing him of teaching Vedas to the heathens of America retorted:

‘Aye, Brahmins’, if the Brahmin has more aptitude for learning on the ground of heredity than the Pariah, spend no more money on the Brahmin's education, but spend all on the Pariah. Give to the weak, for there all the gift is needed .... Our poor people, these downtrodden masses of India,   Therefore, require to hear and to know what they really are. Aye, let every man and woman and child, without respect of caste of birth, weakness and strength, hear and learn that behind the strong and the weak, behind the high and the low, behind everyone, there is that Infinite Soul,  assuring that infinite possibility and the infinite capacity of all to become great and good. Let us proclaim to every soul: 'Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.' Arise, awake!”

May 13, 2013                                             V.R. KRISHNA IYER

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