Friday, 21 March 2014

Socialist Party candidate Dr. Prem Singh files nomination from East Delhi

21 March 2014
Press Release

Socialist Party candidate Dr. Prem Singh files nomination from East Delhi 
The Socialist Party’s candidate Dr. Prem Singh filed his nomination papers today from the East Delhi parliamentary constituency. He was accompanied by Justice Rajindar Sachar and advocate Dr. Gajendra Singh Chauhan while filing the nomination. Several activists of the party, including senior journalist Arun Kumar Tripathi, teachers and students of Delhi University, were present out side the DC office at Shashtri Nagar. Justice Sachar, while addressing the media there, said that the Socialist Party which carries a great legacy of the freedom struggle and the socialist movement is committed to the basic tenets of the Constitution. The party believes that politics, parliamentary democracy and governance are a serious business. However, this has been threatened by the corporate-communal nexus and ‘mobocracy’ prevailed these days. He further stated that Dr. Prem Singh, a professor of Hindi in Delhi University, is not new to this constituency. He has contested the Lok Sabha election from East Delhi as an independent socialist candidate in 2009 and made a good impact by his speeches, pro-Constitution manifesto and austere election campaign. He has a good and committed team of youngsters to work hard against the vulgar display of money and muscle power by the Congress, BJP and even Aam Admi Party.   
Media persons posed questions to Dr. Prem Singh that how he would be able to fight the Modi wave without adequate resources. Dr. Singh replied to them that there is no such wave in the East Delhi and fight would be confined between the Congress and the Socialist Party. He expressed confidence that this time the voters of East Delhi would give him an opportunity to serve them. 

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