Sunday, 21 December 2014

BJP government should apologize for downplaying the Xmas

BJP government should apologize for downplaying the Xmas

The clumsy action of Ministry of H.R.D. to downplay the significance of Birthday of Christ by declaring December 25, 2014 as “Good Governance Day” and purporting to hold various activities in the Universities, College, Schools’ must be deprecated. BJP is welcome to celebrate its senior leader and former prime minister Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee’s birthday, but it does not behave to use its governmental authority to downgrade the importance of the unique day, not only for Christians but all humans.  
Earlier also, this government had downgraded Mahatma Gandhi by reducing his Birthday merely into a day for cleanliness. The government even forced the government employees to report in their offices on 2 October, a Gazetted Holiday, negating their right given by the Constitution.
The Socialist Party feels that the pro-rich government, knowingly or unknowingly, has taken this decision to suppress the pro-poor message delivered by Jesus Christ. Xmas is the birthday of one of the earliest champions of the poor who openly said, “It is impossible for a rich man to enter the gates of Heaven, just as it is impossible for a camel to pass through the eye of needle”.  
Moreover, this decision of the government could be another push towards its ongoing communal agenda. The Socialist Party demands that the BJP Government should apologize to the nation for downplaying significance of Christmas and, thus, hurting sentiments of Indian citizens, especially the Christian Minority.
Dr. Sandeep Pandey
National Vice President and Spokesperson

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