Sunday, 3 June 2012

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Dharna Against FDI in Retail Trade
The Socialist Party has completed one year of its formation on 28 May 2012. To mark the occasion, the party has organised a day-long  dharna against FDI in retail sector at Jantar Mantar, Delhi. In view of the Socialist Party, government's decision of allowing MNCs such as Walmart in the retail trade is detrimental for the traders and farmers of the country. The Party has submitted a memorandum to the President requesting her to advise the government to scrap the withheld decision for ever.  
Dharna was attended and addressed by political-social activists, scholars and journalists including Justice Rajinder Sachar, party,s Party's national general secretary Dr. Prem Singh, Delhi state president Smt. Renu Gambhir, member of the national executive Anil Nauriya Former MLA Ramgopal Sisodia and Vidyabhushan, Nigam Parshad Rakesh Kumar, Senior journalist Dr A. K. Arun,  socialist leaders Vijay Pratap, Shyam Gambhir, Dr. Ashwani Kumar, Dr. Hemlata, Dr. Prabhat Mittal, A.P. Khurana.
Justice Sachar appealed the political parties, other than the cogress, to build the pressure on the government so that the presently withheld decision of 51 % FDI in retail sector must be scrapped immediately. He explained qouting several studies made by experts that this decision of the government would benefit only the giant like Wal-Mart and would make lives of the small traders and farmers miserable.
The copy of the memorandum is attached.
Dr Prem Singh expressed apprehension that 3 day visit of the US Foreign Secretary Hillary Clinton and meeting of Jean Noel Bironneau, the Indian head (MD) of the French retail giant Carrefour with Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma were not without purpose.  He said that Socialist Party will launch a nation wide agitation if government does not scrap the decision in coming days.   

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