Sunday, 28 April 2013

Memorandum to the Chief Election Commissioner of India

The Socialist Party has submitted the following memorandum to the Chief Election Commissioner of India. The Hindi version of the memorandum is attached.
Date : 27 April 2013


The Chief Election Commissioner
Nirvachan Bhawan
New Delhi

Dear Sir

The Socialist Party would like to draw your kind attention towards a recent incidence of mixing politics with religion. The Gujrat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed a convention held at Haridwar on 26 April 2013 under the auspices of Patanjali Yogpeeth of Baba Ramdev. The speeches delivered at the convention by Shri Narendra Modi and Baba Ramdev were clear examples of using religion/religious sentiments for the political purpose. They made subtle political statements while praising each other. Baba Ramdev vehemently advocated Shri Narendra Modi as next PM of India on behalf of sant samaj gathered there in big number along with certain political elements. Shri Narendra Modi also used the occasion to pursue his political agenda.
When the nation is approaching the election year and a bizarre debate is going on for the prospective Prime Minister, holding such a convention is unwarranted and in total violation of the secular doctrine enshrined in the Constitution. Further, the social fabric will be affected if such practices continue.    
Therefore, the Socialist Party requests you to examine the intention behind holding this convention and the contents of the speeches made there by Shri Narendra Modi and Baba Ramdev. They should be debarred from contesting election after the inquiry.

Dr. Prem Singh
General Secretary

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