Monday, 5 August 2013

Dear Yuva Sathi,

Dear Yuva Sathi,
I am very happy indeed that SYS Delhi is organizing this training camp and congratulate the organizing committee for the same.
Our country is going through a very dark phase. None of the present political parties have willpower and vision to change this. Congress government has imposed Market Smriti on our country and BJP is dreaming to impose Manusmriti through Modi. The only ray of hope is today’s youth, intelligent, dynamic, daring and ready to take challenges of life. If this youth power is armed with political ideology of Socialism our country  will soon see non violent revolution  like Arab Spring or Jasmine revolution.  Present politics has shattered all the dreams of young generation. I appeal to all dynamic and dedicated youths to join SYS to fulfill their dreams about our country. Dreams of making our country free of poverty,  hunger, illiteracy, pollution, violence and corruption. Dreams of providing free, quality education and right jobs to everyone. Dreams of making our country a people’s superpower and not superpower of handful.  SYS is the only political youth front which certainly can echo ambitions and aspirations of our youths and become their voice.
Last year SYS participated in Delhi University’s elections and fared well. I hope you all will work hard and furl SYS flag on Delhi University this year. Future of our country lies in socialism and future of socialism lies in SYS.
Bhoolo mat bhoolo mat, Samajwad lana hai!
Samajwad lana hai, yeh SYS ka nara hai!
Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!
Apka Sathi,
Dr Abhijit Vaidya MD, IPT-Cardiology
National President, SYS  

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