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To hold agitation against capitalism and communalism

Date:11 August 2013
Press Release
National Executive Meeting of Socialist Party held in Delhi.
To hold agitation against capitalism and communalism, and to contest state assembly and general elections

A 2-day national executive meeting of the Socialist Party was held in Delhi on 10-11 August 2013. Bhai Vaidya, national president of the party and former Home Minister of Maharashtra, chaired the meeting. National and state office bearers, national executive members, attending the meeting from several states were, welcomed by Justice Rajindar Sachar, senior member of the party.
It was decided at the meeting that a nation-wide agitation ‘Defeat capitalism – Bring socialism’ will be organized on 8 October (death anniversary of JP) to create public opinion against capitalism. The party will organize dharna, demonstration and protest marches distributing a 10 point pamphlet against capitalist economic policies. To spread awareness against communal forces a nation-wide agitation ‘Save secularism – Shed communalism’ will be held all over the country on 31 October (birth anniversary of Acharya Narendra Dev). As a part of this agitation, special programs will be organized to establish peoples’ faith in secularism, a value enshrined in the Constitution. The party’s youth wing Socialist Yuvjan Sabha (SYS) will bear the main responsibility of this agitation by holding discussions and cultural programs in colleges and universities. The national executive expressed its form view that political parties should come under the purview of and abide by the RTI.
The national executive welcomed the formation of Telngana state and congratulated its people. Nevertheless it cautioned the prospective leadership and political parties of the resource-rich Telangana that the valuable natural resources should not be open to loot by corporate houses. Rather the resources should be used for the upliftment of the hard working masses. The political leadership should ensure that all citizens get education, health, employment and good governance in the new state.   
The national executive further decided that the party will contest the coming state legislative assembly and general elections. The process of identification of constituencies and candidates is speedily under way. The party will make electoral alliance with the like-minded political parties who are totally opposed to capitalism and support socialism. The draft election manifesto was accepted after deliberations and suggestions for the purpose of elections. The manifesto will be released soon.  
Party literature, available on Blog, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube, was launched by the party’s national vice president and veteran socialist leader Akhai Achumi.

Bhai Vaidya
National President

Dr. Prem Singh
General Secretary and Spokesperson

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