Sunday, 19 June 2016

Letter to Chief Minister, Delhi:

Letter to Chief Minister, Delhi:

                                                            May 19, 2016 1:37 PM

Dear Chief Minister,

You must have read the atrocious statement of V. K. Singh minister of State in the Modi Government, namely that Akbar Road at New Delhi should instead be named Maharana Pratap Singh Road. Only a Warped communal mind could have suggested it , though Maharana Pratap Singh's  bravery is fully accepted.
Even the thought of renaming Akbar Road is totally unacceptable --as it is a product of an atrociously communal mind set up.  UN development report 2004 links Ashoka The Great, and Akbar The Great as epitomes of religious tolerance. Press reports have reported that the decision to change a name is done by a Sub- Committee of New Delhi Municipal Committee in which there are 2 or 3 of AAP MLA’s. I understand that this committee is headed by you as the Chief Minister of Delhi. I understand that the last time the change of name of Aurangzeb Road to Abdul Kalam Road, was done under your chairmanship. Of course Maharana Pratap Singh should have a road named after him. But to me changing the name of Akbar Road is trying to rewrite history, which to me is Blasphemy.
I would therefore suggest that in order to avoid further communal passions you should publically announce that your Government is against renaming of Akbar Road and will not accept any such recommendation even if it was received. I hope your Government will realize the urgency of issuing this statement.
Offhand as a suggestion, you could consider changing the name of “Raj Niwas Marg” to Maharana Pratap Singh Marg.

Rajindar Sachar

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