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Letter to Dr. Sunilam

Date: 14.05.2016

Dear Sunilam,

I had already mentioned to you that I will not be able to attend the meeting as I had N. Ex. Meeting of PUCL at Jaipur of 15th and 16th of May 2016 but as it is I am not also being able to go there, because I was admitted to the Hospital on 09th of May 2016.  I am therefore writing from there. Just sharing some old memories of the party, which some olders must do, for the sake of socialist party and next generation.  I joined socialist party in 1946 at Lahore I had, of course to take leave of absence because of my joining as Judge in the Delhi High Court in 1970.

After retirement in December 1985 I have been more active in the PUCL. But I have always had a deep yearning for the principles and programme and deep philosophy and the need of the programmed, policy of the party being represented by revived Socialist Party. This was necessary as socialists had been working in separate fields first as a part of the Janata Party and also in separate organization of Labor, peasantry and others people’s moment separately. I had always expressed my desire that all the old socialist party member and the new once who were working in various organization should consolidate themselves in one socialist party.

I had mentioned this often to Surender Mohan with whom I had greater, more frequent and intimate relationship. We had taken it up with Mr. Purohit Ji who was than General Secretary of A.I.R.F. He had also agreed to get together trade unions and other comrade friends to advance this idea.

By the combined leadership and inspiring efforts of Surender Mohan Ji, Bhai Vaidya Ji, Panna Lal Surana Ji, Balwant Khera Ji, Giresh Pandey Ji, Prem Singh Ji and other member / we old members, it was agreed to bring together all and form socialist party again,? you your self played a very important and in increasing role in the decision to form Socialist Party at Mumbai.

Even a few days before the death of Surendar Mohan we were fixing the date for holding inaugural conference when we were together at Railway Men’s Federation council meeting at Mombai. But unfortunately he left for heavenly above soon thereafter. 

But we were determined to carry out Surendar Mohan’s wish. Fortunately we had old committed leaders of the Socialist Party as I mentioned earlier. So Socialist Party had its Inaugural Session at Hyderabad, in December 2011.

I am hoping that many of our friends all over and at this meeting will reach consensus on the program which can be unitedly followed. Of course though I wish that all of us could work together in Socialist Party (India) which is based on the inspiration idealism of our founding fathers and mothers, J.P. Ji, Achrya Narender Dev Ji, Dr. Lohia Ji, Kamla Devi Chatoupadhya Ji.  

I am mentioning some items which all of us could take, as it has no party monopoly. Of course my suggestions are very tentative and can be finalized at a separate meeting, of all Socialists. Thereafter we may be able to persuade others to agree, possibly some of the leftist parties, Trade Unions. This is necessary because the B.J.P. Government is determined to dismantle public Sector, the sheet anchor for a Socialist Society.

A.      Minimum of 30% Income Tax on the higher incomes including that on Corporate Sector. 

B.      Inheritance Tax, to reduce gross inequality in the Society; even the Conservative Governor Reserve Bank is suggesting it.

C.      Disclose in public the names of big defaulters of Public Sector Banks, the total amount being 4 lakh crores. Why should they be shielded, that would be endangering the public.

D.      Napams anti Corridor battle could be jointly worked out.

E.      Prohibition against any election funding by the corporate sector even in the guise of separate electoral trusts formed by corporate sector.  

F.      Substitution of the present electoral system by the list system prevalent in Europe.

Those of the younger generation sometime feel pessimist whether Socialism will ultimately win. Let me give you the lighthearted humour but a unforgettable response of our leader Com. Ramanand Ji when he was addressing one of the party’s meeting in Delhi in 1950. One comrade asked him “Sir, how can we have firm faith that one day Socialism will win”. His reply was cryptic and full of humour. He said; ‘Comrade, when you go out of the house for work in the field you do not go on doubting whether your wife will remain faithful to you in your absence’ and will be at home when you return home. So just go on working for the Socialist party without doubting that ultimately “Socialist Party will bring in Socialism within Country” I dedicate that faith and confidence to you all.        

I have had a little more experience with some of our inspiring leadership, not because of any special qualification but only because of being fortunate accidentally of old age. Many others would have greater experiences to tell, which must be shared with all.

Let me start with Karpoori Thakur Ji. After his successful period as Chief Ministers, there was a ghastly murderous happening at Arawal in 1985. I had retired by December, 1985 Karpoori Ji asked Tarkunde Ji (PUCL leader) to ask me to come to Patna to hold an enquiry). My other member was General Sinha, I was so embarrassed   when I landed at Patna to find Karpoori Ji personally there. I remonstrated with him that he has been and now again was my leader and he should not have come to aerodrome.

But more important was that before finalizing our report I told Karpoori Ji that I would like to meet Director General Police and one or two others high officers to enquire about certain vital facts concerning the enquiry, and that he may fix my appointment with those officers and I will go to their office to meet them. But Karpoori confidently said that they will come to meet me at the guest house where I was staying. The next days those officers came the guest house – this showed the respect he enjoyed amongst public that the officers (notwithstanding that there was another government) their respect for him was continuing.

I was particularly fortunate that by mere accident I was quite close to Dr. Lohia (of course there were others like Madhu Limaye who were much closer) I had some time back written above Dr. Lohia for a magazine.(I am attaching a copy of this as Annexure – I.) You may share it with other friends and colleagues at the conference.

Please give my best wishes to all for a successful meeting.


 Rajindar Sachar

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