Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Special meeting of the national office bearers held at Pune on 8 July 2012

Date : 31 July 2012

Dear Sathi

The following decisions were taken in the  special meeting of the national office bearers held at Pune on 8 July 2012:

1.      All state units of the party will be registered with the state election commission. Dr. Abhijit Vaidya will provide necessary direction/documents required for this purpose. Responsibility for completing the process of registration has been assigned to Nurul Amin and Rajshekhran Nayar for the southern states; Dr. Prem Singh, Balwant Singh Kheda, Devraj Duggal for Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Punjab and J&K; Onkar Singh, Sandeep Pandey, Tarkeshwar Singh and Girish Pandey for U.P., Bihar, and Jharkhand; Jayanti Panchal and Dr. Abhijit Vaidya for Maharashtra, Goa and Gujrat; B.P. Roy and Akhei Achumi for West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya and other north-eastern states.

2.      U.P., Maharashtra, Gujrat and Delhi state units of the party will contribute Rs. 5000/ per month to meet the expenses of the Delhi office. The amount for one year may be deposited in advance with the treasurer of the party. Bhai Vaidya will pay Rs. 5000/ per month to the office secretary at the Delhi office.

3.      The goal of enrolling 5000 active members should be achieved at the earliest. SYS should play an important role in this task.

4.      Party’s front organizations should be formed as earlu as possible with the help/guidance of senior socialist colleagues in and outside the party fold. Responsibility to form the labour front of the party has been given to Bhupen Paul Roy and Jayanti Panchal. Socialist Mahila Manch has been formed under the convener ship of Dr. Varsha Gupte. Yashmin Sheikh will assist her as co-convener.  

5.      AS per the suggestion of Dr. G.G. Parikh, an environment committee of the party has been formed under the convener ship of Dr. Prem Singh. The members of the committee are Dr. Abhjit Vaidya, Sandeep Pandey, Samar Baghchi, Anil Nauriya and Mahesh Pandya. The committee will examine the threat posed to the eco-system by the capitalist model of development and suggest alternatives based on the thoughts of Gandhi, Lohia and other similar thinkers.

Prem Singh

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