Monday, 8 October 2012

Press Release

Hunger strike against FDI in retail trade

The Socialist Party organises indefinite relay hunger strike at Jantar Mantar against UPA government’s decision of allowing 51% FDI in retail sector. Every day 5 members of the party will observe fast for 24 hours. Party’s national general secretary Dr. Prem Singh and Delhi state president Renu Gambhir took part in the hunger strike along with 5 party comrades. Party’s national president Bhai Vaidya will visit the venue on 27 September and observe fast for one day. The party appeals, particularly to the associations of retail traders, to strength the protest by joining the hunger strike. Party also appeals to the political parties, social organisations and individuals opposed to the decision to extend their support. The Socialist Party appreciates the stand of Trinmool Congress for its strait forward opposition to the government’s decision. Justice Rajinder Sachar came to meet and congratulate the activists sitting on hunger strike. He said that the UPA government has waged war against its own people. The government, by implementing this decision, has been cruel to 4 crores retailers and their 20 to 25 crores family members. He also said that Mulayam Singh by extending support to the government on this contentious issue has brought a bad name to the socialist movement and ots leaders Dr. Lohia and JP.          
Holding hunger strike is a next step Socialist Party has taken in its relentless struggle against the FDI in retail. The party held a day-long dharna at Jantar Mantar on 28 May 2012 against the government’s decision and submitted a memorandum to the President requesting her to advise the government to scrap the decision conclusively. After that the party sent a letter to the office bearers and chief ministers of all non-Congress political parties requesting them to say no to this anti-people and anti-national decision. Further, the Socialist Party observed Quit India day as ‘No to FDI’ day in Delhi and other cities of the country. The party also participated in the Bharat Bandh of 20 September and organised march in Delhi and other cities.  
Several senior socialist leaders of Delhi and members of Socialist Yuvkan Sabha participated in the protest. Hunger strike will continue tomorrow.

Niraj Singh                                                                  
Press Incharge

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