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Third front should be formed on the basis of socialist ideology Stop politics of hate, violence, conspiracy, rumour and servility National Executive of Socialist Party concluded in Delhi

The national executive committee meeting of the Socialist Party concluded in Delhi on 16 September 2012. The meeting was inaugurated by party's national president Bhai Vaidya (former Home Minister, Maharashtra). In his address to the delegates he said that third front should be formed on the basis of the socialist ideology and not on the basis of any neo-liberal common minimum program. He emphsised only socialism can provide relief to the vast population facing hunger, fear and violence. He further suggested that third front should be formed well before the general elections with due deliberations and understanding with genuine democratic, progressive and secular forces. If this happens, the Socialist Party will extend its support to the front. Party's general secretary Dr. Prem Singh expressed hope that in the coming days Socialist Party and its ideology will prevail upon the mainstream neo-liberal politics. Because it is the only party which completely oppose the plundering and carnivorous capitalist imperialism.
The national executive nominated Ekai Achumi, veteran socialist leader from Nagaland, vice president of the party. He will be in-charge of the North-Eastern States. The national executive decided to support and participate in the bandh organised by various organisations and political parties on 20 September to oppose UPA government's decision of 51% FDI in retail trade. Following political and economic resolutions were passed in the meeting :

Political Resolution

Stop hate politics, give peace a chance, pass reservation bills

It is a matter of utmost concern for the Socialist Party that politics of hate, violence, conspiracy, rumour and servility is prevailing upon politics that is value based. Most of the mainstream political parties and leaders indulge in communalism, casteism, parochialism, money-power, muscle-power and family lineage tactics. They despise and suppress Indian masses but happily and readily bow to the dictates of the US controlled neo-imperialist regime. The Socialist Party opposes this anti-Constitutional and anti-people character of mainstream Indian politics and aspires to create an alternative political culture based on the socialist philosophy and fundamental Constitutional values.
The Party expresses its deep concern over the unabated violence in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. The same imperialist forces, that are responsible for the havoc in these countries, are playing with emotions of the Muslims by circulating objectionable materials in various forms. It is a considered view of the Socialist Party that terrorist reaction against the imperialist forces only strengthens them. These forces, in their lust for profit, are not ready to allow peace and harmony a chance to prevail in the world. The Socialist Party stands for non-violence based on the ideals of Gandhi, JP, Acharya Narendra Dev, Dr. Lohia, S.M. Joshi and Dr. Ambedkar. Socialist Party appeals to all democratic, forward looking and secular forces to adhere to the path of non-violence.
The National Executive Committee of the Socialist Party demands that the two bills moved in the Rajya Sabha, viz Women’s Reservation and Reservation in promotions for SC/ST be passed as early as possible. The OBCs, particularly most backward castes, also be included as per the concept of social justice. No citizen of India should be harassed on grounds of region or religion. While urging the central government to safeguard our borders and restrict entry into the country without legal documents, the Party condemns threats and torturous messages sent out by some forces targeting the students and working people of the North-eastern states or persons belonging to other states. Socialist party condemns the violence by miscreants at Mumbai, Lucknow and Allahabad. The Party appeals to the people, youth and students in particular, not to be swayed by narrow interests and treat all the citizens as our valued brothers and sisters.
          The Party directs its state units to conduct mass awareness campaign for the above mentioned demands and offer dharana (any one day) from 2nd to 12th October 2012. The state units of the Party should mobilize citizens for Right to Education Satyagrha on 28th November 2012 i.e. Mahatma Phule Remembrance Day.

Economic Resolution

Scrape FDI in retail, curtail imports, cut salaries, strengthen PDF
The Socialist Party strongly opposes the declaration of the UPA government to implement the pending decision of allowing 51% FDI in retail sector. The UPA government, adhering to its neo-liberal policies, had been bent upon implementing this decision in favour and benefit of foreign multinational retail chain companies at the cost of retailers and farmers of the country. It would be disastrous not only for the retailers and farmers of the country but also for the cultural ethos of the Indian society. It will further endangered our Constitutional sovereignty.
Some rating agencies as also a few journals in the USA are trying to pressurise the rulers at Delhi to throw open its retail trade, civil aviation, insurance, defence and other vital sectors of economy to FDI. We need not be cowed down by such tactics. The economic situation in the country is worrisome mainly because deficit in foreign trade is accumulating year after year. To arrest that dangerous trend, we should take a bold step to curtail imports, particularly of oil and gold which form almost half of our imports these days. Curtailing import of gold would not affect our main economic activities like agriculture, manufacturing, etc. Not only import but also consumption of petrol and diesel need to be reduced so as to curb global warming and lessen daily traffic jams which, besides heavy air pollution, causing loss of crores of working hours of commuters in big urban conglomerates.
Some spokesmen of the ruling class are suggesting discontinuance of subsidies as a measure to restrict revenue deficit of the Governments. That would be most retrograde step, because discontinuing subsidy on food grains, kerosene, gas, fertilizers etc. would make lives of common people badly miserable. The axe must fall, not on vulnerable sections but the rich ones. The mad race of urabaisation and consumerism must be stopped.  
          The National Executive Committee of the Socialist Party (India) demands : the decision of allowing 51% FDI in retail sector must be scrapped forever; roll back the increased prices of diesel, gas and kerosene; imports of oil and gold be curtailed by 25 % for two years; all cars used by the administrative staff and the ministers etc. must be locked in the garage once a week; the Governments, both Central and State, should stop purchase of new cars for two years; a strict discipline should be applied on air travels by leaders and bureaucrats from the public exchequer; and a ten per cent cut in the salaries and allowances of higher officials, right from the President of the Republic down to class two officers, should be brought into effect.
           The Party is of the view that all talk of replacing PDS by cash vouchers must be stopped. PDS must be fortified by plugging pilferage and farmers must be assured remunerative prices for their produce. PDS is a solid concomitant of it.
Dr. Prem Singh

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