Friday, 14 July 2017

4th Day Fast at Jantar-Mantar Against Mob-Lynching

The atmosphere at the site of fasting at Jantar Mantar, yesterday and the day before, was very constructive. Adnan read poignant poems titled '1992' and 'Ghar'. Anupam Singh recited Sandeep Tiwari's poem 'Pahchan'. Hirany Himkakar and Yogesh Paswan read poems by many well-known poets including Raghuvir Sahay, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Pablo Neruda, Emanuel Ortiz, and Harishankar Parasai's satirical compositions. Neeraj Mishra recited the famous poetry by Raghupati Sahay 'Firak' by reading out the famous poem 'Bahut Andhera Hai'. Many journalists have joined the fast and expressed their points of view. Fellow teachers, researchers, students of Delhi University continued to come and discussed the dangerous trend of mobocracy/ mob-lynching. Many students of Jamia, Indraprastha and JNU joined at the fast venue. Many dynamic young people of Delhi and outside have been persistent present.
Today, the 'Not in my name' march at Jantar Mantar will be held against the mobocracy/mob-lynching. There is a message that citizens will also hold this program in other cities of the country. This is a good endeavor. More and more people of Delhi should participate in it. In such events, we forget villages, towns, and small towns. Such events should be held there as well. That is more important. The citizens of Delhi who are participating in today's march are requested to come to the fast venue for the next three days and observe the fast for one day.

Today, our political teacher Socialist thinker Kishan Patnaik is being missed a lot. He constantly knocked at the minds of political activists and intellectuals of the country, saying that alternative politics is the only way to counter the neo-imperialist-communal nexus formed after 1991. The debris that has fallen upon India's constitutional order and civilization is the result of our failure of not creating an alternative politics.             

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