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Socialist Party marches against the privatization of railway stations

22 June 2017
Press Release

            Whether it is traveling or transporting goods, Indian Railways is the lifeline of the entire  country. This is one of the largest railway services in the world. The British had used the railway for the economic exploitation of India and the strengthening of its own empire. On the other hand, the creation and extension of rail services in independent India was aimed at strengthening the country's contact system, economy and military system. In the construction and the working of Indian Railway Service, the country's most valuable resources, both material and human  labour is invested.
            In the last few years the ruling class has been trying to privatize the railway.  However, the present BJP government, in the guise of Public-Private-Partnership (PPP), has cleared the plan to privatize the railway by initiating the sale of railway stations into private hands.
                The Socialist Party has decided to launch an awareness campaign against this anti-constitutional and anti-people decision of the government. Under this campaign, the workers of the party will explain the actual reality of the arguments that are given to the citizens in favor of the privatization of the railway by the ruling class.
            To start the campaign, Socialist Party Delhi State organised a 'Save Indian Railways' march from Mandi House to Jantar-Mantar on 22 June 2017. The party's senior leader Justice Rajindar Sachar flagged off the march at Mandi House. Speaking on the occasion he said that the Socialist Party is committed to the public sector and opposes the government's decision of selling the railway stations to private hands. He expressed anguish that any opposition party in the Parliament including the Left parties has not raised voice against this wrong decision of the government. Neither the railway unions have taken any strong action against the decision. He expressed hope that after the initiative of the Socialist Party, opposition parties and railway unions will come forward and oppose this anti-constitutional decision and will abrogate it.
            The national president of Socialist Party Dr. Prem Singh said that all the state units will organize programs in their respective states to oppose the decision. He informed that the party also plans to organize a national conference on the issue of the privatization of the railway by inviting Hind Mazdoor Sabha (HMS) and other labor organizations. He said that if all the public undertakings including education, army and railways are to be handed over to private hands, then what work will remain for the elected government? Is the government's job merely is to shift national assets into private assets? Has the government become an agent of corporate houses/multinational companies? He reminded the government that the railway is a national inheritance. The Socialist Party will explain to nation's citizens how and why the government's decision to sell the railway stations is an clear betrayal to the country.
            The march ended at Jantar Mantar and a public meeting was held. Senior socialist leader Shyam Gambhir conducted the meeting. The meeting was addressed by national president of PUCL Ravikiran Jain and vice president ND Pancholi, senior socialist leaders Vijat Pratap, comrade Baldev Sihag, comrade Narendra Singh, Ravindra Mishra, national vice president of the Socialist Party Renu Gambhir, general secretary Manju Mohan, secretary Faizal Khan, Socialist Party Delhi State working president Syed Tahsin Ahmad, vice presidents Mahendra Yadav and Tripti Negi, general secretary Yogesh Paswan, secretary Devender Bharati, National president of Socialist Yuvjan Sabha (SYS) Niraj Kumar, general secretary Bandana Pandey, theatre activist Hirany Himkar, journalist Rajesh Kumar Mishra along with many others.  
            The speakers opined that the decision of selling railway stations into private hands is a direct result of the pro-capitalist policies of the government. They called upon the Socialist Party to make it a comprehensive movement against this anti-people decision.

Yogesh Paswan  
General Secretary/Spokesperson
Socialist Party Delhi State
mobile : 9911395971 

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