Saturday, 1 October 2011

A committee of Himachal Pradesh Socialist Party constituted in Shimla


A meeting of the workers of Himachal Pradesh Socialist Party held on 24 September 2011 in Shimla under chairmanship of senior socialist leader Devraj Duggal. Dr. Prem Singh, national General Secretary of the Socialist Party attended the meeting as  chief guest. Rakesh Kumar Dubey, member, Delhi unit of the Socialist Yuvjan Sabha (SYS), the youth wing of the party, also attended the meeting. Dr. Prem Singh, in his inaugural address, called upon the party workers to devote their efforts solely in strengthening the party apparatus in the state so that the Socialist Party could fight coming panchayat, local body and Vidhan Sabha elections effectively. He emphasized the need of a much awaited alternative political force in Himachal Pradesh. He further elaborated that the citizens of Himachal Pradesh are fad up with Congress-BJP hegemony and are looking forward for a positive change. The Socialist Party could be the appropriate vehicle for that change.

A 6 member ad-hoc committee was formed in the meeting to do the party work in Himachal Pradesh. Devraj Duggal has been nominated as the convener of the committee. The other members of the committee are: Indra Chand Gupta, Advocate Santram, Advocate Ishwar Chanra Gupta, Prof. D. N. Kalia and Prof. Vijay Singh. The committee has been entrusted to launch the membership drive, form the state unit of the party and convene the state convention by the end of November this year. The committee is authorized to include other members in the list district wise keeping in view the proper representation of women, youth, minorities, dalits and tribals. It was further decided that the Himachal Pradesh unit of the SYS will be formed at the earliest.    

Dr Prem Singh informed the members about Socialist Party's decision to hold a Satyagrah Campaign at national level from 2 October (Gandhi Jayanti) to 12 October 2011 (Dr. Rammanohar Lohia’s death anniversary). During this campaign, the party will demand total abolition of the Land Acquisition Act and formation of a Land Use Commission in the country. The burning issues like price rise, unemployment and corruption will also be highlighted with the view that an alternative politics and economy, based on Gandhian-socialist principles and also the Preamble and the Directive Principles of the Constitution, can only uproot these problems. The Satyagrah Campaign in Himachal Pradesh will be held under the auspices of newly formed committee.

Dr. Prem Singh inaugurated the office of the Himachal Pradesh Socialist Party i.e. 4 -Lahanu Bhawan, Jakhu, Shimla-171001, phone: 0177-2658108.  

After the meeting, Dr. Prem singh and Devraj Duggal addressed a well-attended press conference held at the Shimla Press Club.

Report issued by the Himachal Pradesh Socialist Party office.

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