Saturday, 1 October 2011

Press Release/Invitation

Satyagrah Campaign by Socialist Party from 2 October (Gandhi Jayanti) to
 12 October (Dr. Lohia's Death Anniversary) 2011.

The Socialist Party has organised a Satyagrah Campaign all over the country from 2 October to 12 October 2011 to highlight issues and problems of the common people. On this occasion, Delhi unit of the party will organise following programs in the various parts of the city:

1.      A rally from Delhi Gate to Chandani Chowk-Ghantaghar will be held on 2 October at 11 am. Justice Rajinder Sachar will flag of the rally.

2.      A rally from Taimur Nagar to Batla House will be held on 9 October at 3 pm which will culminate in a public meeting at Azim Dairy Chowk. Kuldip Nayar, Justice Rajinder Sachar, Dr. Raj Kumar Jain,  Dr. Prem Singh will address the public meeting.  

3.      Another rally from Mundka village to Kanjhawala village will be held on 11 October at 4 pm.

4.      A day-long dharana against the neo-liberal policies will be held at Rajghat on 12 October.

A pamphlet will be distributed during the Stayagrah Campaign raising the following demands:

1. The Land Acquisition Act should be scrapped.

2.      A Land Use Commission should be constituted without further delay.

3.      The privatisation of education in any form should be stopped. Quality education through common school system should be imparted in the mother tongue of the student.

4.      Privatisation of electricity and water in Delhi should be stopped. Prices of electricity, water, petrol, milk and other items should be reduced immediately.

5.      In Delhi villages, keeping in view the interests of all sections, facilities of residence, road, electricity, water, library, women centers, children centers, parks, community centers, health centers, schools, colleges, vocational institutes etc. should provided on priority basis.

6.      All colonies should be regularised with all civic facilities.

7.      Law and order, particularly safety of women, should be made effective and responsible.

Kindly send your reporter/team to cover this important event of public interest.

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