Tuesday, 4 October 2011

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Date: 4 October 4, 2011
Press Release

Condemnation of Police raid at Kavita Srivastava's residence

The Socialist Party condemns the police raid conducted at the residence of Rajasthan PUCL General Secretary Kavita Srivsatava. The raid by the Rajasthan Police, made on the behest of the Chhattisgarh Police with heavy force has made it amply clear that its intention is to instill fear into the civil rights groups including PUCL. Police action based on unconfirmed and ambiguous charges made against civil rights activists shows the fast changing face of the India state. It is turning into a Police state that ensure the looting of national resources by corporate houses. Which ever the party/government at the centre or at the state, all governments, irrespective of party line, have come together to suppress those civil and human rights activists who fight against this loot.
The present Police action lays bare the Congress claim to secularism. Kavita Srivastava, under the aegis of PUCL, has sent a report to the National Human Rights Commission about the communal riots at Gopalgarh, Rajasthan. This report reveals the involvement of Congress leaders in the riots.
PUCL was formed by Jaiprakash Narayan who, throughout his life, adhered to the principle of non-violence. PUCL too does not support violenece in any form. However, in opposing all shades of violence, it also questions state violence. The corporate serving governments are unable to accept any opposition to state sponsored violence and attack in retaliation.
Socialist Party is of the conviction that a political struggle alone can offer a challenge and change to this oppressive character of the Indian state and mainstream politics.

Dr. Prem Singh
General Secretary and Spokesman
Mob.: 9873276726      

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